Freedom manifesto!

The foundation of all freedom

Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of a democratic society. It is the most important of all freedoms. It is the foundational freedom upon which every other right we enjoy - from the right to vote to the right to protest - is built. Without the freedom to think, write, publish, depict and debate as we see fit, all our political and social rights become meaningless.

Masters of our own minds

Freedom of speech makes us morally autonomous. It allows us to use our moral and mental muscles, to decide for ourselves, through discussion, debate and argument, what is a good idea and what is a bad one. It makes man the master of his own mind and fate, rather than allowing the authorities to treat us as infants by determining on our behalf what we may read, think and believe.

The midwife of enlightenment

Freedom of speech is the best guarantor of getting to the truth of a matter. Where censorship discourages debate in favour of silencing the allegedly offensive or hateful opinion, freedom of speech insists on holding people to account for their beliefs and challenging their claims in the public sphere. It is the midwife of enlightenment where censorship fuels only an unquestioning approach, and ultimately ignorance.

No censorship - ever

Freedom of speech must never be restricted. No state bans, no hate-speech legislation, no libel laws, no restrictions on the press, no mob pressure on people to conform to modern orthodoxies. For attacks on freedom of speech do not only commit the bad-enough offence of preventing someone from saying what he believes - they also reduce the rest of us to the level of children through blocking our eyes and ears, degrading our moral autonomy, stifling truth-seeking, and elevating stupidity over enlightenment.

Free speech now!

Freedom of speech makes us free. It makes us fully human, through allowing our minds to work and our views to matter. We are absolutely committed to breathing life back into this essential freedom, to fighting against all forms of censorship and intolerance, to ensuring that everyone - regardless of their viewpoint - enjoys the freedom to express themselves and to enter into the truth-determining fray of public life. We want free speech now, with no ifs, buts, erming, ahhing, restrictions, restraints or delay.

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2286 people have signed up!

  • Frederick Ford, Indie Author Blueseed Prodigy , Canada

    You are doing a great job! Keep it up!

  • Damian Leslie, United Kingdom

    stopping blasphemy weakens our society, not strengthens it.

  • Nancy McDermott, USA

    This matters more than anything.

  • Tara Lomas, under 18, United Kingdom

    Keep Up The Fight!;!

  • anthony hodge, Transport for London, United Kingdom

    I agree and support this Manifesto and the principles its stands for.

  • Deborah Robertson, Full time carer, United Kingdom

    Thank you for your work. Freedom of speech underpins all aspects of civilised life. I am furious that politicians and the media in the UK are not standing up to the Islamist lobby and their enablers, the regressive left. This country has already internalised an Islamic blasphemy code. There is so much now, that we dare not say or do. We pretend it's out of "tolerance" and "sensitivity to other cultural values". It is not. It is fear of Muslim violence. A well founded one. Long live Western Civilisation and long live free speech!

  • Clive Bond, Retired professional., Australia

    Onwards and upwards.

  • David Norman, England

    Fight back against the 'politically-correct' imposition of a "you can't say that" mantra.

  • Michael Letho, Australia

    Thank you because the ability to see both sides of the argument and be honest about one's own occasional and unavoidable cognitive dissidence is vital to critical thinking skills.

  • Shira Salingre, Scotland, United Kingdom

    Freedom of expression for all!

  • Rob Harris, WORLDwrite volunteer, United Kingdom

    A much needed initiative deserving of everyone's attention.

  • Andy Holt, Crofter, Scotland

    No return to the Middle Ages.

  • David Malone, freelance translator and interpreter , United Kingdom

    I am livid that intellectual pygmies in public office are still seeking to tell me how I should lead my life. I demand freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom from the "nanny state".

  • Julia Crighton, uk

    freedom of speech is a fundamental principle and should be protected above and beyond all else

  • Dan Brown, Broker, Australia


  • Daniel O'Flaherty, Unemployed, England

    Long live free speech!

  • Margarida Oulman, retired, Portugal

    Definitely agree free speech is an absolute must in a Democratic society.

Other signatories include:

Hilda Naranjo, USA • Benjamin Hall, Australia • James Sweeney, United Kingdom • Tyler Johannes Kirk, Canada • Malcolm Coghill, United Kingdom • Geoffrey Gold, South East Asia • Michael Porter, United Kingdom • Adam Salumunek, USA • Steve White, UK • Colin Harrison, Australia • Alison Hardenburgh, United States of America • Alec Bennett, United Kingdom • Ted Getzel, USA • Anthony Gonzalez, united states of america • Luqman Bashir, United Kingdom • Colin Poynter, UK • David Frampton, Australia • Mark Weishan, USA • Linda Pelham, UK • bruce tatt, australia • Luis Gomes da Costa, Portugal • Matthew Hughes, Uk • Tor Syvertsen, Norway • Shawna  Murray MD, SilencedInUSA • Russell Burn, UK • Curt Stockman, États-Unis • carolyn weingarth, Australia • K McCulloch, Canada • Ben Maughan, United Kingdom • Ivor Jones, United Kingdom • Arthur Disbury, England • Richard Sheldrake, United Kingdom • Dong Raptor, USA • Brian Burnell, United Kingdom • Glen Shackleton, United Kingdom • Lynsey Shenton, United Kingdom • Kris Bressa, Australia • Chris Ashton, Australia • Laura Sill, United States • Thane Kerner, United States • Mark Spear, England • Vaidas Morkevicius, Lithuania • Wayne Yeoman, UK • kris van eetvelt, belgium • oliver shore, United Kingdom • Forest Phelps, United States • Philip  Northfield , United Kingdom • sandy waddington, United Kingdom • Joshua Wii, United States • jim yeo, uk • Grace Hinson, UK • Bruce Gee, Australia • steven tolleneer, Belgium • Chicago Joe, USA • Bill MOUNTAIN, United Kingdom • anthony  hodge, United Kingdom • Falcon Teromge, Australia • Colin Turpin, UK • Gertjan Van Damme, België • Ralph Charlwood, England • Deborah Robertson, United Kingdom • Tony Pierce, UK • Cheryl Mundy, United Kingdom • Dirk de Klein, Ireland • James Howell, UK • D Wells, United States • Donald Kilpatrick, Canada • Morten Wied, Denmark • Graham Finnie, UK • Jonathan Smith, England • Lisa M, United States • Robert Lyons, UK • Lesley Dove, United Kingdom • Michelle Webster, England • Joseph Shoemaker, USA • Paul Swatman, Australia • Chris Diamond, Canada • Rhys Jones, UK • hp Chew, Malaysia • Mike Saunders, UK • Joe Luxton, England • David Angus, UK • lee mcdonough, Austrlia • Michael Walker, UK • Briony Thomas, Australia • Pierre Leroux, Canada • Alan Metchem, England • Julie Lee,  • James Grieve, United Kingdom • Gary Cohn,  • James Roberts, Uk • Stephen Totten, Ireland • Jaxon Derow, United States • Abigail Quinlan, Canada • H. Levy, USA • Rhett Donovan, United Kingdom • Rob Chilton, Canada • Tony Ward, UK • Robin Munden, UK • Freddie sehga
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