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Oh spare us this Woke Monarchy

The new aristocrats are as irritating as the old ones.

Harry, Meghan and the future of the royals

Monarchism is weaker than it looks. Sadly, so is republicanism.

It takes more than a makeover to make a woman

Munroe Bergdorf is pushing a pretty sexist view of womanhood.

Jason D Hill 18 May 2018

The black nihilism of Ta-Nehisi Coates

Coates has profited from the very thing he is intent on destroying: the American Dream.

Carrot-gate and the sorry state of education

Teaching to the test has rendered students unable to answer tricky questions.

Mick Hume 17 May 2018

Time to quell the Lords’ anti-democratic riot

The constitutional crisis that nobody on the left wants to talk about.

FOBTs: a middle-class moral panic

The £2 stake will do nothing to help problem gamblers.

Tim Black 17 May 2018

Why demonising Iran is a dangerous game

Trump’s blundersome approach is escalating Israel-Iran tensions.

#MuteRKelly: now it’s #MeToo vs music

Throwing alleged sex pests off Spotify playlists is a mockery of justice.

Why Ireland must repeal the Eighth Amendment

The right to abortion is one of the most essential liberties.

Stop playing politics with student suicides

Suicides on campus are shocking and tragic – and, thankfully, rare.

Luke Gittos 16 May 2018

The ugliness of the knife-crime debate

Both sides treat black and Asian communities like children.

Dementia: we need action, not awareness

The response to Barbara Windsor’s diagnosis captured society’s low horizons.

The siege of Israel

The demonisation of Israel is nurturing a new kind of conflict.

Why MPs must vote against Leveson II – again

It’s time to shoot down the myths of the pro-regulation lobby.

Malaysia: a victory for democracy

The defeat of Malaysia’s corrupt rulers was unexpected, and welcome.

Sadiq Khan, London’s paternalist-in-chief

London has a lot of problems; burger ads isn't one of them.

David Goodall: dying for the wrong cause

This tragic case reminds us why assisted suicide is immoral.

Sex, lies and Stormy Daniels

Could Trump’s tawdriness prove to be his undoing?

Dirty jokes in the dock

The policing of smutty humour needs to stop.

Eurovision is about camp, not politics

Political commentators’ glib Eurovision takes are almost always wrong.

A minute of your time to help defend the press

We must see off the Lords’ plan for Leveson II – contact your MP now.

Buying off young people

Why giving £10k to all 25-year-olds is a terrible idea.

What Marx and Nietzsche had in common

Neither should be held responsible for the excesses of their supporters.

‘This is America’: a masterclass in ambiguity

Donald Glover’s viral hit is vague enough to suit everyone’s politics.

A manifesto for heresy

Say the unsayable: read the speech Brendan O’Neill gave at Oxford this week.

The Met Gala and the cultural-appropriation hypocrites

Crucifixes? On non-Catholics? Why isn’t Twitter up in arms about this?

The EU won’t save academic freedom

Academics need to learn to stand up for themselves.

Trump’s dangerous Iran obsession

America’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal will stoke tension in the Middle East.

The Day for Freedom was not a far-right rally

But it did show what happens when the left abandons free speech.

May Must Fall: an affront to intellectual diversity

Academics at Oxford seem to think students will be traumatised by a portrait of the PM.

Press freedom hangs by a thread

We have 24 hours to halt a historic betrayal of liberty.

Education can set kids free

Genes and background do not determine children’s future.

Shaming service staff goes viral

Some millennials think little of hectoring low-paid workers.

Forget left v right, it’s Leave v Remain

Why Labour didn’t win and Twitter lost the local elections.

‘Trump isn’t un‑PC. He’s just an asshole’

Bret Stephens talks to Tom Slater about the twin threats to free speech.

Ireland’s nanny-state evangelists

There’s nothing these moral crusaders won’t do to save us from ourselves.

The truth about Karl Marx

200 years after his birth, let’s remember how committed he was to freedom.

Tim Black 4 May 2018

JJ Rousseau: autonomy lost

His work laid the ground both for a radical conception of autonomy, and its critique.

Against hate-speech laws

Nadine Strossen’s new book makes an important case for the importance of free speech without limits.

Forget Corbynism – the real ‘momentum’ is with Brexit

It’s clear now: Labour is the party of the establishment and status quo.

A revolution
of feeling

Rachel Hewitt’s history of emotion explores the late-Enlightenment mind

Amrita Sher-Gil: unseen brilliance

The Hungarian-Indian painter is rightly hailed, yet few outside India have seen her work.

Steven Pinker 4 May 2018

The critical

Steven Pinker on why the Enlightenment still matters.

Acts of faith and commemoration

Stuart Kelly on the land of Walter Scott, and the murderer who became a minister.

Radicalising the Enlightenment

Jonathan Israel on the vital importance of those who dared to know.

The Lords and the left unite to fight democracy

Corbyn’s Labour – cheerleader for unelected, Brexit-throttling peers.

Luke Gittos 3 May 2018

Cosby’s conviction is a hollow victory

The politicisation of this trial will forever taint its verdict.

Stop treating sex workers like children

Feminists who want to criminalise prostitution are attacking women’s autonomy.

Yes, there are some nice Tories

The politics of ‘all Tories are evil’ is infantile nonsense.