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Mick Hume 23 January 2018

How long must they lord it over democracy and press freedom?

Their latest assault on the press should sound the death knell for the Lords.

Fraser Myers 23 January 2018

The Tories’ yoof problem

The party has too many gimmicks and not enough substance.

Sean Collins 22 January 2018

One year on: the real problem with Trump

No, he isn’t a tyrant. But he is seriously degrading political life.

Ella Whelan 22 January 2018

UKIP: the party’s over

UKIP’s demise proves Remainers were wrong about the Brexit era.

Rob Lyons 22 January 2018

The Carillion crisis: PFI isn’t the problem

Obsessing over corporate handouts obscures the bigger debate we need.

Andrew Doyle 22 January 2018

Why the modern left loves shutting down debate

Critical thinking is out, censorship by subterfuge is in.

spiked podcast 20 January 2018

‘When we instantly believe women, we invite them to lie’

Brendan O'Neill on #MeToo and the dire threat to due process.

Naomi Firsht 19 January 2018

The one where millennials don’t have a sense of humour

Applying PC standards to sitcoms is a surefire way to kill comedy.

Patrick West 19 January 2018

Blue Monday: why unhappiness is good for you

Nietzsche knew the score: joy is impossible without pain.

Ashley Frawley 19 January 2018

We don’t need a minister for loneliness

Therapeutic policies fuel the problems they set out to solve.

Trump: bad, not mad

Diagnosing him from afar is dangerous and anti-democratic.

Mick Hume 18 January 2018

Momentum: the phoney civil war over Labour’s future

The leftists taking control of Labour are as Remainer as the Blairites.

Fraser Myers 18 January 2018

Thou shalt not joke about the gender pay gap

The backlash against John Humphrys shows how flimsy the BBC pay crusade is.

John Slater 18 January 2018

Australia, it’s time to shake off the monarchy

Monarchists’ opposition to a referendum reveals their contempt for democracy.

Tom Bailey 18 January 2018

The myth of Trumponomics

The Donald is more Davos than some might think.

Neil Davenport 18 January 2018

Why the Third Way still rules

The elitist backlash to Brexit reminds us New Labour never really died.

Now we know who really fears and loathes Poles – Remainers

The EU lobby's disgust with Poland exposes its deep prejudices.

Cyrille Regis: an anti-racist icon

In the face of bigotry, he blazed a trail for black players.

Tom Slater 17 January 2018

Yes, Trump is a bigoted clown

...but don’t write off his supporters.

Christian Butler 17 January 2018

Three Billboards and the new philistinism

Only a fool would think Martin McDonagh’s movie endorses racism.

Julian Vigo 17 January 2018

What’s the point of university?

Dear OfS: knowledge for its own sake should override market concerns.

Phil Mullan 16 January 2018

After Carillion: we need to end zombie capitalism

The state is propping up business and making life more precarious for workers.

Tim Black 16 January 2018

Trump and his haters: battle of the vanities

Both sides in the spat over his UK visit are more into preening than politics.

Ella Whelan 16 January 2018

Young feminists, listen to your elders

Margaret Atwood is right: we must defend due process.

RJ Markowski 16 January 2018

The Joke: still no laughing matter

Milan Kundera’s darkly comic tale still strikes an ominous chord.

Joe Nutt 16 January 2018

What is the point of poetry?

To be a laboratory of language that opens us to the world.

Luke Gittos 15 January 2018

Aziz Ansari: bad sex is not a crime

#MeToo is about policing sex, not tackling sexual violence.

Jon Holbrook 15 January 2018

No one should be shamed over private texts

Having the freedom to express yourself privately is crucial to a free society.

Frank Furedi 15 January 2018

Turning the army into a Safe Space

The British army’s latest ads spell the end of the warrior ethos.

Rob Lyons 15 January 2018

Have a drink – it won’t kill you

Researchers want the alcohol guidelines lowered. Ignore them.

A backdoor assault on democracy

Keir Starmer would make the UK even more beholden to EU law.

Ben Pile 15 January 2018

The real problem is plastic politicians

It is MPs’ nonsense war on plastic that should be thrown away.

Tom Slater 12 January 2018

Fire and Fury: a Trumpist soap opera

Michael Wolff’s book gives us a lot of gossip but little insight.

Fraser Myers 12 January 2018

After Brexit, the Lords is next

We shook off the elitist EU; now let’s do the same with the second chamber.

Why the left loathes the Daily Mail

Bashing the Mail has become the ultimate virtue-signal.

Don’t mourn the demise of Germany’s SPD

The real problem is that there’s nothing progressive to take its place.

Gareth Sturdy 12 January 2018

Justine Greening was nothing special

Why has her resignation made teachers so weepy?

spiked podcast 12 January 2018

‘The left has betrayed Iran’

Maryam Namazie on why we should support the Iranian rebels.

The misogyny of #MeToo

The rage against Katie Roiphe exposes feminism’s hatred of women.

How feminism became a rich woman’s racket

High-paid stars are using the pay-gap myth as a negotiating tactic.

Emily Dinsmore 11 January 2018

Je suis Catherine!

The great Catherine Deneuve is right: #MeToo is ruining sex.

Naomi Firsht 11 January 2018

Lorde and the breathtaking hypocrisy of BDS

Anti-Israel activists pose as freedom-lovers but agitate for censorship.

Frank Furedi 11 January 2018

Switch off your kids’ phones and let them play outside

The problem isn't ‘smartphone addiction’ – it’s that kids are coddled.

Bruce Scott 11 January 2018

The myth of toxic masculinity

Stop pathologising men – they’re doing just fine.

Mick Hume 10 January 2018

The real scandal should be Trump’s attempt to ban that book

But the president’s opponents fear free speech as much as he does.

Virgin’s elitist Mail‑bashing

Yes this is censorship – and it’s time to stand up to it.

Christian Butler 10 January 2018

Oprah 2020? Liberals are losing it

Democrats are so bereft of vision they’re indulging desperate fantasies.

James Woudhuysen 10 January 2018

How the EU is holding Africa back

Green EU projects are hampering progress.

Rob Lyons 10 January 2018

Hands off our Irn‑Bru

Bring on the backlash against the miserly sugar tax.

No, that H&M ad isn’t racist

This wilful offence-taking is warping the anti-racist cause.

Tom Slater 9 January 2018

You can’t reshuffle a knackered party

May’s ‘night of the plastic knives’ showed how fragile party politics has become.

Toby Young and the purification of public life

The squares and bores and censors are taking over politics.

Tim Black 9 January 2018

What is the point of the NHS?

Yes, there is a crisis in the NHS – a crisis of purpose.

Time for a truce in the ‘generation wars’

The old and the young need to come together. But how?

We’ve forgotten how to debate

Division is no bad thing – it can drive progress.

Luke Gittos 8 January 2018

John Worboys has served his time

If we want justice we must improve investigations, not undermine due process.

Ella Whelan 8 January 2018

The Golden Globes: a wake for feminism

The #MeToo movement is just a vehicle for celeb virtue-signalling.

Andrew Doyle 8 January 2018

On the self-destructive left

Illiberal liberals are closing minds, not opening them.

Rob Lyons 8 January 2018

The case against the killjoy state

Christopher Snowdon’s new book slays the new paternalists.

Tara McCormack 8 January 2018

Why is Britain funding jihadis?

Western foreign policy has deepened the conflict in the Middle East.

James Gill 8 January 2018

In defence of Apu

Don’t let offence-takers kill off The Simpsons’ shopkeeper.

Ella Whelan 5 January 2018

Time’s Up for the #MeToo movement

The celebrity fund for poor women reveals how patronising #MeToo is.

Patrick West 5 January 2018

Meet the new pearl‑clutchers

Today it’s the liberal-left who punish moral transgressors.

Luke Gittos 5 January 2018

There is no epidemic of knife crime

But we can’t ignore the nihilism brewing among some young men.

Logan Paul: the sharp end of a detached culture

We live in an age when we’re more likely to film tragedies than intervene.