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Luke Gittos 19 October 2017

Why the White Widow deserved to die

We are at war with ISIS – due process doesn’t apply.

Ella Whelan 18 October 2017

#MeToo: a moral panic about men

Scaremongering about sexual harassment is bad for women.

#MeToo: seeing sexual harassment everywhere

The Weinstein scandal is giving rise to a frenzied climate.

Liz Wolfe 18 October 2017

Why DC should decriminalise sex work

People should be free to do what they want with their bodies.

Tom Slater 17 October 2017

Labour: more white than red

Its anti-Brexit moves confirm Labour is now the party of reaction.

From ‘Glad to be Gay’ to ‘Sad to be Gay’

New NHS guidelines risk re-medicalising homosexuality.

spiked 17 October 2017

What happened when spiked tried to discuss identity at Rutgers

Protests, disruptions and debate at our Unsafe Space panel at Rutgers University.

No, colonialism wasn’t a good thing...

...but closing down debate about it will convince no one.

Austria: so much for the death of populism

Austria’s election results are a nightmare for the EU. Good.

Fraser Myers 16 October 2017

Hollywood vs Africa: the rise of celebrity colonialism

Some global bodies seriously want actors to police the Third World.

Rob Lyons 16 October 2017

Scotland, like the rest of Britain, needs creative destruction

To revive the economy, we must let zombie companies die.

The taming
of Eminem

His anti-Trump freestyle is being praised by the PC elite he once raged against.

Joe Kolman 13 October 2017

Class struggle: how identity politics divided a campus

Meet the Reed student driven out of college for questioning a protest.

Joanna Williams 13 October 2017

We need to talk about transgenderism

Trans politics has engulfed our institutions, with zero debate.

spiked podcast 13 October 2017

‘I’ve been called a race denier’

Munira Mirza on the dangers of fearmongering about racism.

Mick Hume 12 October 2017

No surrender in the new free‑speech wars

The ACLU’s own staff are attacking it for defending the alt-right’s rights.

Brendan O’Neill 12 October 2017

The hysteria in the Harvey Weinstein scandal

This is no longer about individual justice – it’s about collective vengeance.

Steve Bremner 12 October 2017

Blade Runner 2049: where’s the humanity?

The visuals are breathtaking, but the story leaves you cold.

Christian Butler 12 October 2017

My enthusiasm is curbed

The ninth season of Larry David’s show is shaping up to be disappointing.

The war on Brexit is a war on democracy

Let’s get real: the elite hatred for Brexit is a hatred for people power.

Donal Fallon 11 October 2017

The Taoiseach who championed censorship

The obits for Liam Cosgrave have glossed over his deep illiberalism.

How to resolve the culture war over ‘gay cakes’

We need a compromise between individual liberty and civil rights.

The idiocy of calling Corbynistas ‘Marxists’

There’s nothing red about these bland, unambitious, lame leftists.

Ella Whelan 10 October 2017

Stop abusing the Weinstein exposé

Both conservatives and liberals are engaging in a petty tit-for-tat.

Frank Furedi 10 October 2017

Why cheating has become the norm

The rise of ‘essay mills’ reflects the commodification of university.

Wendy Earle 10 October 2017

Can Saatchi still shock?

A new exhibition suggests iconoclasm is a spent force.

Tom Slater 9 October 2017

No one can save the Tories

Young blood isn't enough to revive this zombie party.

Luke Gittos 9 October 2017

Ted Heath: another dead man on trial

Historical sex-abuse investigations are harming justice.

Universities must rediscover the passion for knowledge

General-education courses make learning a tick-box exercise.

‘The Catalan crisis confirms the EU is tearing nations apart’

Podcast: Brendan O'Neill on the withering of nationhood.

Sean Collins 6 October 2017

The cause of mankind

The American Revolution changed the world, and it isn’t finished yet.

Neil Davidson 6 October 2017

The revolutionary bourgeoisie

On the great social transformations that made our world.

Susan Weissman 6 October 2017

Victor Serge: towards freedom

On the Bolshevik who defended democracy and individual liberty.

Michael Fitzpatrick 6 October 2017

October 1917: a noble, ambitious revolution

One hundred years on from the central event of the 20th century.

Boris Dralyuk 6 October 2017

1917 in their own words

A compelling anthology of Russian writing from 1917 illuminates a long-obscured cultural moment.

Joanna Williams 6 October 2017

Education: a radical tradition

Nicholas Tate’s conservative case for education is, today, also the most revolutionary.

The fall of the rock stars

David Hepworth’s Uncommon People is a comedic requiem for a lost age.

Jon Holbrook 6 October 2017

Transforming conservatism

Roger Scruton’s latest book captures the force – and the flaws – of the conservative worldview.

Mark Aldulaimi 6 October 2017

The truth of the Anti-Slavery Society

A new book shows that the society was far from a principled crusade against a great evil.

Mick Hume 5 October 2017

May: the leader the Technocrat Party deserves

Forget the cough and ‘comedy’ – look at the dire content of the PM’s speech.

Patrick West 5 October 2017

How the left and right switched places

It’s now the left that views Man as fallen and corrupt.

Luke Gittos 5 October 2017

Lavinia Woodward and the importance of mercy

This controversial ruling represented the best of our justice system.

Follies: sorrow and spectacle

The Sondheim show has finally got the London run it deserves.

Naomi Firsht 4 October 2017

Ruth Davidson: poster girl of the flimsy new politics

The media love for her sums up how hollow politics has become.

Tim Lott 4 October 2017

‘If I can’t say what I think, then I don’t get to think’

Jordan Peterson talks to Tim Lott about freedom, gender and tyranny.

Kevin Yuill 4 October 2017

Guns aren’t to blame for the horror in Vegas

Fetishising weapons leads to a distorted public discussion.

Not all acts of mass murder are terrorism

Calling Vegas 'terrorism' is another way of downplaying the Islamist threat.

What’s the point of the Tories?

May's Conservative Party is now aping Labour policies.

James Lacey 3 October 2017

Why Germans support the AfD

It owes far more to existential fears than anti-immigrant sentiment.

From Brexit to Catalonia: the silencing of citizens’ voices

The Spanish state's violence echoes the Brexitphobia of our own elites.

Adrian Hart 2 October 2017

The myth of playground racism

The obsession with racist kids is driven by class prejudice.

Alexander Adams 2 October 2017

Basquiat versus Banksy

One was an artist, the other just a talented graphic designer.