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Rachel, spare us your partisan tears

Anti-Trump emotionalism has become a menace to reasoned debate.

Tim Black 21 June 2018

Why the political class hearts the NHS

Labour and the Tories are two blind men fighting over a pair of NHS specs.

Of course cannabis-use should be legalised

Adults should decide for themselves whether or not to use drugs.

Ocean’s 8: A Feminist Flop

The ‘gender-swap’ trend is shielding tired remakes from criticism.

Sean Collins 20 June 2018

The truth about Trump’s child-migrant policy

It is wrong, cynical and harsh – but it isn’t Nazism.

Fortress Europe is no friend of migrants

It criticises Italy, yet the EU has been blocking migrants for decades.

Oscar Wilde: free‑speech martyr

He was brought down by the tyranny of custom.

How paranoid parenting fuels kids’ ‘internet addiction’

If we keep children cooped up indoors, they’ll find adventure online.

Bilderberg: wrestling with cops in Turin

What it’s like covering the global elites’ top-secret get-together.

Only one person is to blame for Eurydice’s murder

Blaming all Aussie men for the crimes of one is a travesty.

It isn’t Christopher Chope who’s mad – it’s his haters

The anti-Chope mania confirms the political class has lost the plot.

Merkel’s rule can’t end soon enough

The latest migration row sums up her aloof, undemocratic style.

The case against an upskirting law

Upskirting is vile and anti-social – but should it be illegal?

Labour Live: bread and circuses

This north London day out fell far short of its radical pretensions.

No, Arron Banks didn’t ‘buy’ Brexit

Remainers are giving the Leave.EU chief far too much credit.

Ella Whelan 15 June 2018

Why are so many kids in care?

New research shows how damaging an overzealous care system can be.

The ugliness of the ‘dead white male’ debate

Saying that black kids can’t relate to Shakespeare is deeply reactionary.

Grenfell one year on: the milking of a tragedy

Liberals prefer the poor when they’re suffering rather than revolting.

Grenfell and the problem of carbon targets

A web of new rules and regulations fed into the Grenfell disaster.

Fraser Myers 14 June 2018

‘The fear of populism is really a fear of the masses’

Frank Furedi discusses his new book, How Fear Works.

Tim Black 13 June 2018

The Trump-Kim summit: kitsch or progress?

There are reasons both to cheer and worry about this strangest of meetings.

The truth behind the trolling panic

The internet is not a hostile place for women.

Lionel Shriver is right about the diversity industry

Writers should be judged by their talent, not their background.

Jeremy Corbyn’s junk politics

His support for Jamie Oliver is in keeping with his paternalistic outlook.

Tom Slater 12 June 2018

Parliament vs the people

MPs don’t need a ‘meaningful vote’ – they had one two years ago.

Tim Black 12 June 2018

The end of the West?

Trump is exposing the irrelevance of Cold War institutions like the G7.

Censoring survivors of the Stasi

It is a disturbing irony that Germany now silences victims of GDR terror.

Why the British Museum should keep the Elgin Marbles

Museums should resist the pressure to repatriate ancient artefacts.

Now Remoaners are turning into conspiracy theorists

The idea that Russia masterminded Brexit is an elitist, feverish fantasy.

Rob Lyons 11 June 2018

Anthony Bourdain: a lust for life

The celebrity chef was a breath of fresh air in our killjoy era.

Another step towards juristocracy

The Supreme Court’s judgment on abortion in Northern Ireland should worry democrats.

Flat Earthers: the latest ‘post-truth’ bogeymen

The strange rise of Flat Earth theory has nothing to do with Trump or Brexit.

Tom Slater 8 June 2018

The Brexit mess we’re in

Politicians have failed to uphold our will. We need to take back control.

The hole at the heart of the new Star Wars films

Now they’ve managed to make even Han Solo seem boring.

Why do students want to be treated like children?

In the past, students fought for independence – now they want protection.

Why Brits are turning against the police

Even respectable society now hates the rozzers.

James Connolly: a full life

In praise of the hero of Easter 1916, on his 150th birthday.

Niall Ferguson has set back the fight for free speech

Some right-wingers are playing censorious students at their own game.

Treating Italy like a Euro-colony

The EU’s meddling in Italy should alarm all democrats.

The false alarm over ‘fake news’

The voter-blaming elites have really lost touch with truth and reality.

Meet the older women in revolt against #MeToo

We have a lot to learn from Anne Robinson’s generation of ‘warrior’ feminists.

Neville Southall: the Homo Sovieticus of the Corbyn era

Why Momentum can’t get enough of the former footballer.

No, Islamophobia is not the new anti‑Semitism

It is historically illiterate to compare criticism of Islam with hatred of Jews.

Phil Mullan 6 June 2018

Trade wars cause real wars? It’s not that simple

If we want to oppose Trump’s tariffs, we need to drop the hyperbole.

Vanity Von Glow: the left eats its own

Meet the drag queen banned for defending free speech.

Plain packaging is plain stupid

It has boosted the black market while failing to stub out smoking rates.

Heathrow expansion: no more delays

This runway is 70 years in the making. What an embarrassment.

Jack Schwartz 5 June 2018

Comedians, mock our Supreme Leader at your peril*

A Corbynista responds to Tracey Ullman’s vile blasphemy.

Tim Black 5 June 2018

No one voted for Spain’s new prime minister

Spain's political class needs to face the electorate, not flee it.

Who’s afraid of the MuskBros?

Feminists’ fear of Elon Musk’s fans smacks of a moral panic.

The moral infantilism of the pro-life lobby

The Irish referendum has utterly shattered pro-life delusions.

Ireland’s new clerical class

The Yes vote was great, but Yes smugness is worrying.

Cops, grow a backbone

The police response to Lush’s ads is utterly out of order.