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‘We have a right to be angry about Manchester’

Why we need to do more than mourn in the wake of terror attacks.

Why Salman Abedi grew to hate us

A British Libyan on the poison of Islamism.

After Manchester: the cowardice of feminists

‘Toxic masculinity’ had nothing to do with this barbaric attack.

Why Assange should stand trial

The Wikileaks founder thinks he only has to answer to himself.

This suspension of democracy is a grave error

Freezing the election campaign is the worst response to Manchester.

Why the Twitterati hates Hopkins more than Abedi

Their response to her vile tweet has exposed their moral cowardice.

It’s wrong to have soldiers on our streets

Operation Temperer is a rash and unwise move.

Generational revenge: the politics of ageism

The youth vote is being marshalled to punish the elderly.

The Brexit vote: echo of a radical past

Young people could learn a lot from the ‘oldsters’ who voted Leave.

After Manchester: it’s time for anger

We need more than mourning in response to the new barbarism.

Hands off my halftime burger

Why vegan football clubs are hard to stomach.

Sean Collins 23 May 2017

Remove Trump and you remove democracy

He’s a bad president, but the elitist agitation against him is worse.

The EU is no workers’ haven

Syriza has once again capitulated to brutal EU austerity.

Corbyn and the IRA: an infantile scandal

This gotcha moralism is childish, irritating and historically illiterate.

Tim Black 22 May 2017

UKIP is dead, long live UKIP

Why the pro-EU establishment desperately needs to revive the spectre of Farage.

Rob Lyons 22 May 2017

Jamie Oliver vs Theresa May

How the mockney bore politicised school meals.

Tom Slater 19 May 2017

Vote for democracy

Why spiked is getting stuck in to the General Election.

Scandalmongering won’t topple Trump

Trump is bad, but the campaign against him might be even worse, says Sean Collins.

Wellbeing is not an election issue

Why are the parties so obsessed with young people's mental health?

Patrick West 19 May 2017

Three cheers for Banksy’s Dover mural

This latest piece proves the artist's politics have matured.

Mick Hume 18 May 2017

When Labour blames the meejah, it really means the masses

Corbyn and Co see voters as sheeple being herded by evil media masters.

Turning education into welfare

Both Labour and the Conservatives want to turn schools into wellness retreats.

The myth of the Macron renaissance

His 'new' politics looks a lot like business as usual.

Is there no end to Merkel’s rule?

Her party has won another state election, but she’s not invincible.

Luke Gittos 17 May 2017

Let’s say it – Ian Brady was evil

Not everything can be explained through the prism of mental illness.

Turning the yoof into a political weapon

Remoaners only want us to vote in the hope we'll weaken Brexit.

Why you shouldn’t weep over WannaCry

The hacking of the NHS was bad, but not that bad.

Why pollsters keep getting it wrong

Polling groups are too mystified by people to understand them.

Tim Black 16 May 2017

Labour: the party of the non-working class

The Tories are winning over those abandoned by Labour.

Populism on the ropes? Don’t be so sure

Macron's win is a small victory for a Euro-establishment in crisis.

Wendy Kaminer 15 May 2017

Comey’s firing: a disaster for democracy

Trump's intolerance of checks on presidential power is getting scary.

Higher taxes won’t kickstart the economy

We need a plan for real economic growth, not punitive taxes.

Rupert Cogan 12 May 2017

No bull: in defence of artistic freedom

Let’s stand up for Hermann Nitcsch against animal-rights censors.

‘The left is dancing on its own grave’

Brendan O'Neill on the craziness of the left cheering the French election result.

RIP Ueli Steck, a truly great sportsman

The man who redefined mountaineering.

Patrick West 12 May 2017

It isn’t the Tories out to get the NHS – it’s the EU

Lefties, if you want to save ‘Our NHS’, become Brexiteers.

The denigration of the Voltaire Award

A free-speech award is being given to someone who doesn’t support free speech.

The lessons of the Rebecca Tuvel witch‑hunt

Let’s learn from this ugly, censorious mobbing.

The expenses scandal that wasn’t

No one cares about a couple of Tory campaign accounting gaffes.

Trumpcare: even worse than Obamacare

Neither Republicans nor Democrats have a good vision for health.

Tom Bailey 11 May 2017

Comey, hero of the #Resistance? Please

Trump’s sacking of Comey looks more stupid than sinister.

Where is the 48 per cent?

The vast majority of Remain voters are democrats.

The death of American satire

Colbert’s Trump monologue wasn’t offensive, it was lame.

The rise and fall of the AfD

German politicians’ complacency fuelled the rise of the right-wing party.

Why Corbyn can’t do populism

The people are angry at Labour, not Philip Green.

Banning council tenants from smoking

The anti-smoking brigade just laid its anti-pleb prejudices bare.

Stephen Fry and the new blasphemy laws

The UK and Irish authorities are now required to indulge people’s hurt feelings.

When football clubs are more progressive than feminists

Sheffield United should be cheered for taking back Ched Evans.

Why Britain should go big on electric cars

After Brexit, we can finally invest properly in new sectors.

Local elections in interesting results shocker!

The lack of an anti-Brexit backlash and other news from last week’s British polls.

President Macron: a Pyrrhic victory for the EU elite

The rise of Macron confirms the corrosion of politics as we knew it.

Macron: président of a fractured France

Naomi Firsht finds Parisiens less than enthusiastic.