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A victory for freedom and football fans

The end of the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act is a great day for liberty.

It isn’t Russia that destroyed British sovereignty

For our pro-EU political class to talk about national integrity is a sick joke.

‘Martin the Monster’: the EU summed up

The rise of Martin Selmayr confirms how undemocratic the EU is.

Tom Slater 19 March 2018

Hat-gate and the victimology of Corbynistas

These people don’t understand how ridiculous they sound.

Call off this war on cheap booze

Chris Snowdon, Brendan O’Neill and Tom Slater on the latest Last Orders podcast.

Network: dying for ratings

A theatre revival of the 1976 film shines a light on our mad media.

What’s so bad about ‘cultural appropriation’?

The Cambridge Dictionary is the latest to treat cultural mixing as wrong.

Scottish football fans have been criminalised

And yet some Scottish politicians have the gall to play victim.

Why we must have the right to call Allah gay

Free speech must include the right to ridicule gods.

Fighting for the right to offend on a rock in the ocean

Our man at the Madeira Literary Festival tries not to get lost in translation.

Censorship is never the answer, Sadiq

Hateful tweets are the price we pay for internet freedom.

Education is not a consumer product

The drive to give students ‘value for money‘ is deeply corrosive.

Tom Slater 14 March 2018

Tillerson and the myth of the Trump agenda

The latest sacking proves how visionless this administration is.

Phil Mullan 14 March 2018

Philip Hammond’s ‘Tiggerish’ delusions

That ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ looks more like an oncoming train.

The comic genius of Ken Dodd

He had one ambition in life and he achieved it: to make people laugh.

Luke Gittos 14 March 2018

Domestic violence: authoritarianism is not the answer

Theresa May’s Domestic Abuse Bill is an insult to justice.

No, you’re the bully

MPs have turned the b-word into a political weapon.

Telford girls: the wrong kind of victims

The #MeToo set’s silence on the rape of working-class girls is deafening.

The jingoistic fear of Russia is out of control

The Salisbury poisoning has exposed the hysteria of Britain’s rulers.

Trump’s new world dis-order

US foreign policy is now conducted on the president’s whim.

The student censors in anti-fascist clothing

A vicious culture of intolerance is spreading through campuses.

Tom Slater 12 March 2018

The bigotry of Stop Brexiteers

Vince Cable and his ilk are far more hateful than the Leavers they despise.

Why they can’t fix the housing crisis

Both the Tories and Labour dread the radical shake-up we really need.

The antiquarian assault on press freedom

How dusty old laws are being used to harass journalists.

Having a fancy degree doesn’t make you right

In the age of Trump, academic elitism has reached new heights.

Monica Lewinsky and the lure of victimhood

How #MeToo is encouraging women to misremember the past.

Yinzi Huli 9 March 2018

Xi Jinping: president for life?

How the West’s own fear of democracy could be helping Xi.

Maren Thom 9 March 2018

The creature from the feminist film-studies lecture

The Shape of Water is dampened by its unsubtle identity politics.

Mick Hume 8 March 2018

The legend and myths of that four‑minute mile

Even Roger Bannister was accused of crossing an ‘ethical line’.

Is it now a thoughtcrime to hate Islam?

Why you shouldn’t be cheering the jailing of Britain First’s leaders.

Germany’s coalition of fear

The new government is built on fear of populism and the public.

Putting the nation on a diet

Health busybodies want to force their killjoy ways on the rest of us.

What’s really behind the demise of the NME?

The music press has grown stale as youth culture has become more timid.

The hate at the heart of identity politics

The Munroe Bergdorf spat confirms how poisonous the new ‘progressives’ are.

Now it’s time for ‘Italeave’

Italy’s politicians must listen to the public and consider leaving the EU.

What Martin McDonagh gets wrong about Missouri

Three Billboards indulges some pretty base stereotypes about country folk.

The harsh truth of Germany’s ‘jobs miracle’

Ever-rising employment levels conceal a stagnant economic reality.

Tim Black 6 March 2018

No, Bradley Wiggins is not a cheat

Sportspeople always ‘cross the ethical line’ – that’s what sport is about.

Tom Slater 6 March 2018

This is not a negotiation

Brussels will do anything to kill off Brexit.

Tim Black 6 March 2018

It isn’t only Trump who loves a trade war

The EU is just as protectionist and anti-China.

Antifa: the militant wing of authoritarianism

The clash at King’s College confirms anti-fascism now just means censorship.

Frank Furedi 5 March 2018

Italy has dealt a blow to the EU

But the nation still longs for a real populist alternative.

This strike reminds us what universities are for

Striking lecturers and their students are raising big questions.

Feminism: the Oscars’ must-have accessory

Will this celebrity self-righteousness ever end?

No, criticising trans ideas is not hateful

Bristol SU is wrong to No Platform ‘transphobes’.

David Miller 2 March 2018

The strangers in our midst

David Miller talks migration, national self-determination and the importance of integration.

The glamour of trauma

Afua Hirsch’s narcissistic book embodies everything that is wrong with identity politics.

Robert Colls 2 March 2018

Orwell’s people and the people’s Brexit

Born when only the toffs spoke for England, Orwell devoted his life to giving the people their voice.

Tom Slater 2 March 2018

The paradox of patriotism

In this age of identity politics, why is national identity so demonised?

Frank Furedi 2 March 2018

Why the people must be sovereign

Anti-populists denigrate democracy and render citizenship meaningless.

We did it – we won a victory for press freedom

How spiked and its readers helped to protect this hard-won liberty.

Rob Lyons 2 March 2018

How fossil fuels save lives

The Beast from the East would be far more deadly if it wasn't for ‘dirty’ energy.

The EU: where did it all go wrong?

Ivan Krastev’s After Europe reveals the anti-democratic rot at the heart of the EU.

Labour: the new Mosleyites?

Corbyn’s Labour shares Max Mosley’s loathing of a free press.

A message from Trotsky to Corbynistas

Anyone who tries to curb the right-wing press is a traitor to the working class.

Feminism and royalty are made for each other

Today’s feminism benefits the elite far more than ordinary women.

Suing stand-ups: the latest free-speech battle

Comedians must be free to make jokes about whatever and whoever they like.

Justin Trudeau: cultural appropriator

Has his ludicrous India trip burst the Trudeau bubble?

Living Freedom: the new threats to liberty

Aged 18-25? Apply now for a three-day school devoted to freedom.

Ella Whelan 28 February 2018

Close down Yarl’s Wood – and all the other centres

It isn’t only female migrants whose rights we should defend.

Frank Furedi 28 February 2018

Stop this moral crusade against circumcision

Iceland is considering a ban on male circumcision – that would be a travesty.

Kevin Yuill 28 February 2018

The danger of overreacting to school shootings

US society shouldn’t be overhauled on the basis of rare events.

How to end homelessness

We need less social-media grandstanding and more house-building.