25 July 2018

The death of Godfrey Elfwick

This spoof SJW tweeter was a work of satirical brilliance.

18 July 2018

Gender is more than a social construct

No one benefits from the idea that gender is a mere imposition.

6 June 2018

Vanity Von Glow: the left eats its own

Meet the drag queen banned for defending free speech.

9 May 2018

The Day for Freedom was not a far-right rally

But it did show what happens when the left abandons free speech.

1 May 2018

Michelle Wolf and the rise of right-wing snowflakes

It was a roast. What did these whinging conservatives expect?

23 April 2018

Now it’s a crime to quote rap lyrics?

Censorship in Britain is out of control.

28 March 2018

Let’s stand up for the right to be offensive

Shame on those comedians who are siding with the courts against Count Dankula.

21 March 2018

Free Count Dankula

The Nazi pug ruling is a dark moment for liberty.

1 March 2018

Suing stand-ups: the latest free-speech battle

Comedians must be free to make jokes about whatever and whoever they like.

19 February 2018

Labour needs to drop identity politics

This divisive worldview is electoral hemlock.