20 August 2015

Anti-smoking zealots are censoring reality

Denormalisation strategies are curtailing our everyday freedoms.

29 July 2015

Cecil the lion: hunting for outrage

Calm down, everyone – lion-hunting is good for Africa.

19 January 2015

Health zealots have taken over the asylum

Plans to ban smoking in a mental-health facility reek of illiberal cruelty.

9 April 2010

Hands off the Grand National

For millions of human beings, the National is fun, thrilling and escapist. So who cares what the horses ‘think’?

5 November 2009

Fireworks: the killjoys’ pet hate

Miserabilists want to make Bonfire Night a less explosive, less colourful affair in the name of protecting pets. No way.

16 May 2001

Bremner, Cook and the politicians' fortune

Are today's satirists opposition leaders - or just friendly critics of the status quo?