20 November 2017

Nick Cave vs the BDS bigots

Three cheers for the Oz rocker performing in Israel on principle.

31 July 2014

This anti-Israel hysteria is the opposite of a peace movement

Anti-Israel activists are the attack dogs of a new Western imperialism.

24 July 2014

Your pity for Palestinians is making things worse in Gaza

Western thirst for images of the dead could be contributing to the bloodshed.

15 July 2014

There’s something very ugly in this rage against Israel

The line between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism gets thinner every day.

21 November 2012

The burdens that Israel should not have to bear

ESSAY: Between being treated as a conduit for Western colonial guilt and as a beacon of Western Enlightenment, Israel is being slowly strangled.

26 January 2011

The Palestine Papers: facts and fiction

Only those who unquestioningly embraced the propaganda of the ‘peace process’ could be shocked by these papers.

7 June 2010

What the Israel-bashers learned from Bush

The international campaign to brand Israel a ‘pariah state’ is a shrill echo of what President George W Bush tried to do with Iraq.

2 June 2010

Gaza flotilla: invasion of the moral armada

Everyone talks about the siege of Gaza, but a more profound problem today is the intellectual, moral siege of Israel by the Respectable World.

27 January 2009

Gaza and the White Journalist’s Burden

The BBC is being attacked over the DEC appeal on the super-arrogant basis that it is reporters' job to save the wretched of the Earth.