29 September 2016

Birthplace of a revolutionary

Ceri Dingle takes her documentary about CLR James to Trinidad.

6 August 2015

The youths who told the truth about Hiroshima

How an education charity confronted the horrors of the Bomb.

21 February 2014

It's time… for a film about CLR James

The story of James's life and works deserves to be told.

7 June 2013

Emily Davison: an early ‘suicide terrorist’?

One hundred years after she leapt in front of the king’s horse at Epsom, Davison death still divides opinion.

26 March 2012

‘People don’t just want to watch Jeremy Kyle

A WORLDbytes film crew found Londoners in a supposed far-right stronghold took an intelligent approach to welfare.

9 February 2012

‘You can be a European and be against the EU’

A young camera crew took to the streets and found opposition to the EU is not just for ‘little Englanders’.

28 April 2009

The great malarial
bed-net swindle

Ceri Dingle explains why her charity has made a film exposing the piety of the ‘Save Africa’ bed-net campaign.

18 October 2007

That's enough 'Corruptababble'

The director of a new film about Africa explodes the myth that the continent is sick with corruption and needs the West to cure it.

7 March 2007

Out of Africa?

Described as the authentic voice of Africans, new film Bamako is actually more of an indulgent treat for guilt-ridden Westerners.

29 August 2002

Time to ditch the sustainababble

The youth education charity WORLDwrite launches a critical memorandum on the Johannesburg Summit.