14 February 2017

Generation Whinge, quit the granny-bashing

The idea that the Baby Boomers stole our future is ridiculous.

7 February 2017

The FGM panic is a danger to women

Crusaders are turning African migrants into objects of suspicion.

1 February 2017

‘People’ don’t get pregnant, women do

The BMA's new guidelines undermine the fight for women's autonomy.

25 January 2017

Fighting back against Trump’s global gag rule

Women around the world should stand up for abortion rights.

11 January 2017

Gender quotas are an insult to women

Stop offering women a patronising leg-up into politics.

6 January 2017

The narcissism of foreign aid

It's now entirely about making Westerners feel good.

30 December 2016

‘I won’t ask permission to say what I want’

Lionel Shriver takes on the dreary conformism of contemporary culture.

27 December 2016

2016: the fight for abortion rights gets serious

This year women fought brilliantly for bodily autonomy.