22 August 2018

Anti-tourism gets ugly

Posters mocking dead tourists in Barcelona capture a mainstream sentiment.

9 May 2018

May Must Fall: an affront to intellectual diversity

Academics at Oxford seem to think students will be traumatised by a portrait of the PM.

2 April 2018

The myth of a post-Brexit surge in hate

Even the EU now accepts Brits are more positive about migrants.

5 February 2018

How No Platform conquered the academy

Campus censorship has been on the march for decades.

8 November 2017

The doublethink of campus censors

How free-speech policies are used to undermine free speech.

23 October 2017

In praise of the holiday revolution

Ignore tourism’s miserable critics – mass travel is great.

8 August 2017

Barcelona and the scapegoating of tourists

#TouristsGoHome is not radical – it’s nasty, conservative and divisive.

1 March 2017

Let EU nationals stay in Britain

It’s an ugly myth that Brexit voters want migrants out of the country.

7 December 2016

Global citizens vs the people

Self-styled citizens of the world are driven by disdain for the demos.

29 September 2016

No, tourism is not an act of ‘white privilege’

Why identity miserabilists hate holidaymaking.