5 July 2017

The internet isn’t dangerous for kids

Every new technology becomes an object of moral panic.

10 January 2017

Mental health: stigma isn’t the problem

We need better resources for mental care, not awareness-raising.

7 November 2016

The NSPCC: still worrying the kids

Children are being encouraged to see everyday emotions as a problem.

8 June 2016

What’s behind the anxiety epidemic?

The mainstreaming of the politics of fear has fuelled social angst.

9 February 2016

Being a teenager is not a mental illness

The rise in teenage mental-health problems is not all it seems.

24 November 2015

The mental obsession with offence-taking

Ken Livingstone has become the latest victim of these over-sensitive times.

3 September 2015

We need more friends and fewer shrinks

The medicalisation of social problems is straining mental-health services.

12 March 2015

Cameron: a bad case of child exploitation

Why politicians love to pose as the grand protectors of children.

11 February 2015

Awareness-raising makes you sick

It’s time to raise awareness about the dangers of awareness-raising.