18 September 2014

Apple: the U2 of the tech world

Apple used to lead the market; now it desperately follows it.

7 April 2014

Brazil: Not the Web We Want

Brazil's internet bill of rights is more concerned with advancing national interests than internet freedom.

4 December 2013

Behavioural design: a public dis-service

Using design to make people behave in UK A&E departments leaves the source of people's frustrations untouched.

29 August 2012

Apple v Samsung: innovation’s the loser

Tech giants are devoting more energy to defending patents than they are to coming up with new ideas.

18 July 2011

Britain’s uncreative approach to design

A preoccupation with social engineering hampers the innovative and wealth-generating potential of design.

Books 28 April 2011

The revolution will not be tweeted

Evgeny Morozov provides a damning critique of those who believe that social-networking tools are the spark that ignited recent political uprisings.

21 July 2010

Coercing people into a brave new digital world

A government-backed campaign to get the entire UK adult population online threatens to make cyber slaves of us all.

27 April 2010

We have ways of making you healthy

Design is the new Big Idea in preventative medicine, but there’s nothing healthy about lifestyle manipulation.

9 December 2009

Why designers should take more risks

Michael Wolff, the designer who irritated Thatcher and helped rebrand Labour, talks about being creative during a recession.

10 September 2009

A transparent attempt at social engineering

The initiative to re-design pub glasses to stop them being used as weapons overhypes the problem and the solution.