15 May 2017

Higher taxes won’t kickstart the economy

We need a plan for real economic growth, not punitive taxes.

18 January 2017

Brexit Britain should thrive, not survive

Philip Hammond’s ‘tax haven’ threat speaks to a lack of economic vision.

28 July 2014

End of the road for the Andaman Islanders?

Survival International wants to keep an entire island’s inhabitants living in the Stone Age.

4 June 2014

London will never be ‘full up’

Ignore the miserabilism about London's population hitting 10million - this great city can handle it.

6 May 2014

UKIP haters: desperately seeking fascism

Following the demise of Britain’s far-right, UKIP has become the great white hope of anti-fascist groups.

22 April 2014

Big Brother can’t prevent nosy neighbours

The UK's CCTV czar should focus on cutting state surveillance and butt out of our backyards.

27 March 2014

Why Libya should haunt Cameron’s nightmares

David Cameron thinks of Libya as his ‘happy place’, but it is far from happy today.