14 June 2017

Everyone needs to calm down about the DUP

It’s pure fearmongering to say this party threatens the British fabric.

7 March 2017

The end of Northern Ireland? Not so fast

The shrinking of Unionism is not down to a surge in republicanism.

21 February 2017

The EU is no friend of the Irish

Ireland's interests lie with links to Britain not Brussels.

17 January 2017

Northern Ireland: crisis or opportunity?

Perhaps the Irish might now be allowed to move beyond the past.

24 October 2016

Northern Ireland: Brexit doesn’t mean division

Brexit is an opportunity to revive politics across the UK.

13 January 2005

No surrender to the censors

The director of a Belfast photography gallery on a recent spat over ‘blasphemous’ art.

15 October 2004

Trying to make waves on the Waterfront

Belfast's cultural authorities want landmark buildings - they just don’t know what to put in them.