25 October 2017

Why the Russian Revolution matters

A new film busts the myths surrounding 1917.

10 October 2014

We need to rethink resilience

Once, it meant being strong and resourceful – not anymore.

7 September 2011

Where did all the goodies and baddies go?

Hollywood’s post-9/11 films have ditched old-style patriotic chest-beating in favour of moral self-flagellation.

28 October 2010

An indictment of the
anti-war movement

Demands for the prosecution of Tony Blair only legitimise the use of international courts against weak states.

5 March 2010

Darfur: every celeb’s favourite African war

A new book reveals how celebrities’ and human rights activists’ simple-minded moral posturing on Darfur made the conflict even worse.

Books 26 February 2010

Why Darfur is everyone’s favourite African war

Rob Crilly’s new book is a fine work of reportage, challenging the myths and misunderstandings that surround Darfur and exposing how celebrity campaigners intensified the conflict.

21 December 2009

The search for green meaning

For our confused and cut-off leaders, Copenhagen offered a chance to magic up some historic momentum.

Books 25 September 2009

Demystifying the ‘global ideology’

David Chandler’s new book Hollow Hegemony draws on the work of Marx and Engels to explain how the political class’s embrace of ethics and ‘global politics’ springs from their political weakness and isolation.

10 July 2009

Al-Qaeda: it’s not big and it’s not clever

What do suicide bombers and environmentalists have in common? Faisal Devji explains in his daring new book on contemporary terrorism.

Books 26 June 2009

Al-Qaeda: what’s the big idea?

Faisal Devji’s new book draws some daring parallels between the outlook of militant suicide bombers and that of Western humanitarians – but it ultimately projects the author’s own search for political meaning on to the al-Qaeda network.