1 May 2018

A dead party walking

Germany’s Social Democrats have a new leader, but no new ideas.

12 April 2018

Pulse of Europe: an elitist campaign

Meet the ‘grassroots’ pro-EU group that is only popular with politicians.

8 March 2018

Germany’s coalition of fear

The new government is built on fear of populism and the public.

20 February 2018

The search for the German Weinstein

The #MeToo campaign has generated an insatiable demand for folk devils.

12 January 2018

Don’t mourn the demise of Germany’s SPD

The real problem is that there’s nothing progressive to take its place.

13 December 2017

A United States of Europe? No thanks

Martin Schulz’s proposal exposed his own fear of democracy.

23 November 2017

The end of the old politics in Germany

The collapse of coalition talks points to a deeper crisis.

8 November 2017

In praise of Luther

Germany seems embarrassed by the Reformation. It shouldn't be.

19 October 2017

Germany: democracy delayed

One month after the election and coalition talks have barely begun.

25 September 2017

The implosion of the German political class

The rise of AfD confirms the upending of politics as we knew it.