19 April 2018

Syria, The Times and free speech

Why did the newspaper attack me for questioning the government?

2 March 2018

The EU: where did it all go wrong?

Ivan Krastev’s After Europe reveals the anti-democratic rot at the heart of the EU.

8 January 2018

Why is Britain funding jihadis?

Western foreign policy has deepened the conflict in the Middle East.

18 December 2017

Mohammed bin Salman: a kinder, gentler despot

The Western media fawning over the crown prince has been shocking.

21 November 2017

That’s enough of the Russia blame game

The obsession with Putin's alleged meddling is messing up our politics.

7 November 2017

‘Russia did it!’: a comforting delusion

The Democratic Party and elite Remainers can’t admit that they lost.

16 August 2017

The hysteria over Russia is hurting democracy

When it comes to Russia, Trump is often more rational than his critics.

28 June 2017

What is the US doing in Syria?

Trump’s aimless strategy is creating chaos.

29 May 2017

Trump’s foolish foreign policy

You can’t combat extremist ideology while backing the Saudis.