18 January 2018

The myth of Trumponomics

The Donald is more Davos than some might think.

8 December 2017

Bitcoin: don’t believe the hype

The cryptocurrency is only good for making an easy buck.

3 November 2017

Why John Kelly is wrong about the Civil War

The war was over freedom, and it was necessary.

24 October 2017

Trumpism: more style than substance

Roy Moore’s win reveals a GOP elite that has no idea what it stands for.

19 September 2017

In praise of Thomas Jefferson

Forget covering up his statues: we should be celebrating his ideals.

12 July 2017

Chicago doesn’t need more gun control

Both sides in the gun-crime debate are missing the point.

6 July 2017

The culture war over the Civil War

What Confederate apologists and antifa activists have in common.

30 June 2017

Janesville: an American elegy

Amy Goldstein’s portrait of one town ravaged by de-industrialisation has universal significance.

19 June 2017

The Steve Scalise shooting and the hypocrisy of right‑wingers

Blaming anti-Trump speech for James Hodgkinson’s actions is a dangerous game.