10 October 2017

Can Saatchi still shock?

A new exhibition suggests iconoclasm is a spent force.

19 April 2017

Charging Bull v Fearless Girl

The public should decide what becomes of public art.

2 March 2017

Meet the conceptual artist in revolt against the art world

Miriam Elia tells Wendy Earle why she's rebelling against the art world.

19 October 2016

The culture of complaint

A new Tate exhibition shows that contemporary art is now just about whinging.

21 June 2016

New Tate Modern: politics at the price of beauty

The politicised, unsubtle curation makes for a wearying experience.

26 August 2015

Barbara Hepworth: the last gasp of modernism

The sculptor emerged at a time when artists believed they could change the world.

5 August 2015

When artists become estranged from art history

Portraiture doesn't work when it's so self-consciously intellectual.

28 May 2015

MONA: desperately seeking sincerity

This zany Tasmanian art gallery lays the limits of contemporary irony bare.

24 February 2015

Give us good art, not ‘socially inclusive’ art

The new policy of cultural democracy is bad for culture and bad for democracy.

6 March 2014

Museums: give us artefacts, not yarns

Using museum exhibitions to ‘tell a story’ patronises the public.