18 December 2017

Meet the women worried about #MeToo

Thirteen bold women on why we must reject victimhood.

29 March 2017

The brilliance of Brexit

Campaigners, politicians and writers on why today is a great day.

28 July 2016

After Brexit, what next?

Thinkers and writers offer their thoughts on politics post-referendum.

Books 19 December 2014

And the Book of the Year Award goes to…

spiked writers pick their best reads of 2014.

22 December 2010

A year of intellectual rebels and misanthropic moaners

spiked readers and writers name some of the men and women who helped to improve humanity’s lot in 2010 – and some of those who didn’t.

Books 26 October 2007

Five books on terrorism you aren’t allowed to read

Authors whose books on terrorism have been ‘erased from the map’ by English libel actions - that is, effectively banned in the UK - tell British readers what they’re missing out on.