21 October 2015

This China-bashing exposes Britain’s own insecurities

Why Xi Jinping’s visit has prompted so much handwringing.

11 December 2014

Hong Kong: how the Occupy brand is killing politics

The Occupy model has been a complete disaster for repressed peoples.

27 October 2014

Hong Kong can’t dodge democracy forever

Mischa Moselle reports from Hong Kong on the ‘umbrella revolution’.

5 March 2014

Chinese education: few lessons for the West

Students in East Asia may be great at passing exams, but that doesn't mean their schooling is better.

30 April 2013

How Britannia became cool in HK

Hongkongers are standing up to their new bosses in Beijing by embracing the fashions of their old colonial masters.

27 March 2012

Rare earths and
not-so-rare tensions

The US government’s threat to take China to court for hoarding precious elements is more than just a trade dispute.

31 January 2012

Liberated from the ‘idiocy of rural life’

Over half of China’s population – 691million people – now live in cities. It’s a mind-boggling achievement for mankind.

13 December 2010

There is little noble about this Nobel award

What a fate Liu Xiaobo has suffered: outrageously imprisoned by the Chinese and cynically exploited by Westerners keen to bash Beijing.