6 December 2016

Season’s Greetings: Santa Claus is dead!

Here come the Christmas killjoys.

11 December 2015

‘Tis the season to be sneering

Don't let anti-consumerists kill your Christmas spirit.

23 December 2013

‘Eat, drink and get very, very merry’

In this seasonal podcast, Brendan O'Neill says 'bah!' to Christmas killjoys.

23 December 2013

Christmas joy for 99p? It’s possible

Eco-snobs hate them, but poundshops are a wonderful source of wacky gifts.

21 December 2011

Another Christmas, another ‘ethical gift’

Charities urge us to shop till Third World poverty drops, but ‘ethical consumption’ only makes Westerners feel good.

20 December 2011

Merry Christmas! Well, sort of.

America’s un-Christmassy cards show a national inability to share each other's rituals and beliefs with confidence.

9 December 2010

It’s Christmas, so watch out for rapists

A Xmas-hooked ad campaign designed to raise awareness about illegal cabs is exploiting women’s fear of rape.

22 December 2008

These gifts are degrading to people, not animals

Animal Aid has attacked the nauseating fashion for sending goats and dung to Africans at Christmas - but for all the wrong reasons.

22 December 2008

Christmas culture wars

Concern that Christmas is anything from too religious to too commercial exposes America’s troubled soul.

7 January 2008

Green toffs vs the ‘shopping herd’

The panic about greedy mobs invading Oxford Street during the New Year sales is driven by elite disdain for consumerism and economic growth.