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Arts & Culture
16 June 2017

Why feminists can’t enjoy Wonder Woman

Their political myopia sucks the fun from this brilliant blockbuster.

15 June 2017

The postmodern roots of the

Kill All Normies provides a powerful analysis of the new online culture wars.

Maher and Griffin: in defence of bad taste

Comics should never apologise for ‘crossing the line’.

5 June 2017

After the Storm: paean to a troubled family

Hirokazu Kore-eda’s latest is an adoring portrait of imperfect people.

Don’t let identity politics ruin moviemaking

It isn’t King Arthur’s lack of women that makes it crap.

1 June 2017

Enough with this ghettoisation of culture

The cultural appropriation panic is ugly, censorious and divisive.

12 May 2017

No bull: in defence of artistic freedom

Let’s stand up for Hermann Nitcsch against animal-rights censors.

The death of American satire

Colbert’s Trump monologue wasn’t offensive, it was lame.

19 April 2017

Charging Bull v Fearless Girl

The public should decide what becomes of public art.