Crime and the law

Crime and the law

14 August 2018

Operation Yewtree: the moral panic that ruined lives

Why is no one talking about the wrong done to Jonathan King?

6 August 2018

The UK has abandoned the presumption of innocence

The ‘golden thread’ of English law has been eroded by judges and lawmakers.

31 July 2018

Why is crime in London rising?

Simplistic narratives around gangs, police and austerity are wide of the mark.

12 July 2018

Has the Supreme Court become too powerful?

It is supposed to protect minority rights, not impose the will of a minority.

11 July 2018

The problem with always believing accusers

The latest UK paedophile panic has exposed the wilful credulity of our elites.

5 July 2018

Civil partnership: a hollow institution

Giving it the same status as marriage is a grave mistake.

22 June 2018

It is time to end the war on drill

The police are blurring the lines between music and violence.

19 June 2018

Only one person is to blame for Eurydice’s murder

Blaming all Aussie men for the crimes of one is a travesty.

18 June 2018

The case against an upskirting law

Upskirting is vile and anti-social – but should it be illegal?

8 June 2018

Why Brits are turning against the police

Even respectable society now hates the rozzers.