British politics

British politics

17 August 2017

What a real democratic party should look like

Some advice for the doublespeaking Remoaners behind ‘The Democrats’.

11 August 2017

After Brexit, who’s really sowing division?

Hating the elderly is today’s most acceptable prejudice.

10 August 2017

No, a second referendum would not be more democratic

We can’t let the enemies of democracy pose as its guardians.

3 August 2017

‘We respect the referendum result, but...’

Cross-party plots to betray Brexit show the big divide is no longer left vs right.

31 July 2017

Supreme Court judges: saviours of workers?

The tribunal-fees ruling reminds us of the weakness of the labour movement.

27 July 2017

Defend the freedom to lampoon MPs

Political thoughtpolice pose a far bigger threat than Twitter ‘trolls’.

27 July 2017

Vince Cable: the leader the Lib Dems deserve

The party’s anti-democratic ways are catching up with it.

26 July 2017

Why the middle classes love Jezza

Radical? Please. Corbyn is the heir to Blair.

The Orwellian nightmare of transgender politics

The Tories’ trans proposals could make it a crime to tell the truth.