British politics

British politics

Pride comes after the fall

The capitalist spectacle of Pride is the death cry of radical politics.

This is the scariest Twitch-hunt yet

The hounding of Anne Marie Morris is positively unhinged.

7 July 2017

The compassion paradox

‘Kinder, gentler’ political activism is so often the opposite.

5 July 2017

There’s more to politics than trending

From ‘the absolute boy’ to Rees-Mogg-mania, online politics is naff.

The fees debate is degrading education

Forget what university costs. What is it for?

3 July 2017

The power of the pro-choice movement

The Tories’ Northern Ireland concession shows how much things have changed.

29 June 2017

The DUP is not the problem with UK politics

They are all Undemocratic Opportunist Parties now

27 June 2017

The Palestinian Expo is none of the state’s business

Sajid Javid’s threats against this London festival are deeply worrying.