Social policy and the welfare state

Social policy and the welfare state

15 June 2018

Why are so many kids in care?

New research shows how damaging an overzealous care system can be.

28 February 2018

How to end homelessness

We need less social-media grandstanding and more house-building.

24 January 2018

Stop this war on the homeless

Homeless people should enjoy the same civil rights as the rest of us.

24 February 2016

Let’s trust the public to look out for disabled people

People with learning disabilities should be integrated into society.

25 November 2015

The DWP doesn’t kill

Using suicide to argue against welfare cuts is sick and wrong.

20 October 2015

PSPOs: protecting public space from the public

The petty policing of public spaces is inhibiting community life.

7 January 2015

Egg freezing won’t solve our childcare problem

Women's career-or-family dilemma demands more than a technological solution.

28 February 2014

What’s wrong with the rise of food banks?

The welfare system's erosion of social bonds has fuelled the rise of food banks.

Swedish riots: how welfarism creates outsiders

Blaming marketisation for the riots is way too simplistic. It was welfarism that copperfastened poor people’s exclusion from society.