3 July 2018

Western feminists need to get a grip

No, the US is not a dangerous place for women.

27 June 2018

It’s no wonder millennial women are down on sex

They’ve been taught from youth that sex is fraught with peril.

22 June 2018

Manspreading: the shrivelling of feminism

Feminism has become the dinner-party etiquette of the liberal elite.

19 June 2018

Only one person is to blame for Eurydice’s murder

Blaming all Aussie men for the crimes of one is a travesty.

7 June 2018

Meet the older women in revolt against #MeToo

We have a lot to learn from Anne Robinson’s generation of ‘warrior’ feminists.

5 June 2018

Who’s afraid of the MuskBros?

Feminists’ fear of Elon Musk’s fans smacks of a moral panic.

Weinstein: heading for a #MeToo mistrial?

The media have already pronounced him guilty.

Monarchy and feminism: a perfect marriage

Meghan Markle epitomises the elitist turn of feminism.

18 May 2018

It takes more than a makeover to make a woman

Munroe Bergdorf is pushing a pretty sexist view of womanhood.

17 May 2018

#MuteRKelly: now it’s #MeToo vs music

Throwing alleged sex pests off Spotify playlists is a mockery of justice.