19 February 2018

Zuma was not an aberration

He embodied all that is wrong with ANC rule.

13 February 2018

The problem with Oxfam isn’t just a few dirty men

This scandal reveals the aid industry’s nasty neocolonial attitudes.

24 January 2018

Return of the Malthusians

Once again, Westerners are foisting population control on Africa.

10 January 2018

How the EU is holding Africa back

Green EU projects are hampering progress.

20 November 2017

Nothing to cheer in Zimbabwe fias-coup

Those replacing Mugabe want to rationalise his regime, not overthrow it.

16 October 2017

Hollywood vs Africa: the rise of celebrity colonialism

Some global bodies seriously want actors to police the Third World.

15 August 2017

Jacob Zuma: a political diversion

Getting rid of Zuma and his corrupt cabal won't solve South Africa's problems.

6 September 2016

The end of the Rainbow Nation

The ANC has demoralised post-Apartheid South Africa.

11 August 2016

The ANC has disillusioned a nation

Young and rural blacks are rejecting the African National Congress.