Down with campus censorship!

Down with campus censorship!

14 September 2017

Two cheers for Reed College

The liberal-arts school is standing up to entitled identitarians.

14 September 2017

A censorious sign of the times

Ohio State’s window-message ban is joyless and illiberal.

8 September 2017

Why we want to make your college an Unsafe Space

spiked launches an all-star free-speech tour of US campuses.

30 August 2017

In defence of unwise speech

Academics must be defiant in their defence of free speech.

2 August 2017

Standing up for the heterodox academy

College campuses have become ‘progressive’ echo chambers.

10 July 2017

The cultural revolution on Western campuses

The alarming parallels between today’s student censors and Mao’s Red Guards.