14 March 2018

Tillerson and the myth of the Trump agenda

The latest sacking proves how visionless this administration is.

13 March 2018

Trump’s new world dis-order

US foreign policy is now conducted on the president’s whim.

12 March 2018

Having a fancy degree doesn’t make you right

In the age of Trump, academic elitism has reached new heights.

9 March 2018

Monica Lewinsky and the lure of victimhood

How #MeToo is encouraging women to misremember the past.

6 March 2018

It isn’t only Trump who loves a trade war

The EU is just as protectionist and anti-China.

28 February 2018

The danger of overreacting to school shootings

US society shouldn’t be overhauled on the basis of rare events.

21 February 2018

After Florida: why gun control isn’t the answer

Mass school shootings are awful, but they’re also very rare.

21 February 2018

The myth of the NRA’s dark money

Republicans fear the anger of the public, not the NRA.

20 February 2018

America v Russia: blundering into a hot war

The killing of Russian mercenaries in Syria ramps up Cold War tensions.

19 February 2018

Why they love baiting the Russian bear

The West’s anti-Russia rhetoric is becoming dangerously inflamed.