5 September 2017

Bring back geopolitics

The Korea tensions speak to the death of reasoned diplomacy.

31 August 2017

We need more Texas attitude and less PC

Texans’ heroic response to Hurricane Harvey has been inspiring.

30 August 2017

The lethal pomposity of the Afghan War

America’s addiction to Afghan meddling is a disaster for humanity.

24 August 2017

The fascism delusion

The left’s fear of neo-Nazism has become a McCarthyite moral panic.

23 August 2017

Affirmative action: still the ‘right thing’?

Positive discrimination is in fact borne of pessimism.

22 August 2017

The ACLU is retreating from the fight for freedom

Its undermining of free speech for the far right should worry us all.

21 August 2017

This is what ‘American Nazism’ looks like

…and it’s no relation to the far-right ragbag in Charlottesville.

21 August 2017

An Orwellian war on the past

The control of public space is an attempt to control thinking itself.

21 August 2017

The liquidation of history

Why we should oppose the destruction of Confederate statues.