Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo

30 August 2017

Charlie Hebdo: still standing up for freedom

Its Barcelona cover wasn't Islamophobic – it was a plea for free speech.

14 October 2015

Now, Charlie Hebdo needs a new kind of freedom

We must stop asking Charlie to defend liberty for us all.

‘Je Suis Charlie’: a caricature of freedom of speech

The pro-Charlie set is now holding back the fight for free expression.

29 April 2015

Je suis Charlie? I’m sorry, but that’s no longer enough

‘Je suis Charlie’ has become a dogma, harming the fight for free speech.

20 February 2015

US satirists have been ‘de-fanged’

Neil Ross reports on an NYC debate on satire apres Charlie.

19 February 2015

After Copenhagen: resist the empire of offence

The biggest threat to free and open debate is the fear of giving offence.

9 February 2015

Six lessons from the Charlie Hebdo massacre

One month on, the post-massacre love for free speech is withering.

23 January 2015

‘We must have the freedom to offend anyone’

Aussie cartoonist Bill Leak on satire, censorship and mocking Muhammad.