23 March 2018

Yes, PE is racist

Thank god someone had the guts to say it.

15 March 2018

Education is not a consumer product

The drive to give students ‘value for money‘ is deeply corrosive.

12 March 2018

Having a fancy degree doesn’t make you right

In the age of Trump, academic elitism has reached new heights.

6 March 2018

Antifa: the militant wing of authoritarianism

The clash at King’s College confirms anti-fascism now just means censorship.

5 March 2018

This strike reminds us what universities are for

Striking lecturers and their students are raising big questions.

5 March 2018

No, criticising trans ideas is not hateful

Bristol SU is wrong to No Platform ‘transphobes’.

27 February 2018

In praise of the striking lecturers

Workers have a right to enjoy a good standard of post-employment life.

22 February 2018

Identity politics: reviving racial thinking

Refusing to cite white thinkers is the latest depressingly divisive trend.

20 February 2018

You can’t measure the financial worth of knowledge

Politicians know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

14 February 2018

It’s no surprise that teachers cheat

The OCR scandal shows how dysfunctional the education system has become.