Therapy culture
Therapy culture

Therapy culture

14 May 2016

‘The obsession with mental health is bad for everyone’

Sally Satel explains how therapy culture makes us sick.

3 November 2015

Employee happiness is none of your business

Companies should butt out of their employees' emotions.

27 October 2015

Macbeth: an adaptation for our times

Justin Kurzel's film is fantastic, and yet something feels lacking.

25 September 2015

Freedom for Catalonia: a greedy game

Catalan independence is about self-interest, not liberation.

3 September 2015

We need more friends and fewer shrinks

The medicalisation of social problems is straining mental-health services.

31 August 2015

Hey, grown-ups: put down the colouring pens!

Adult colouring-books speak to the infantilisation of the West.

Stop this educational madness

It’s time to resist calls for more mental-health interventions in education.

Turning students into nervous wrecks

Why do we assume students are vulnerable? The vast majority aren’t.