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Books & Essays
1 December 2017

What women want

Ella Whelan’s book puts freedom back into feminism.

1 December 2017

The liberal case against identity politics

Mark Lilla talks solidarity and liberalism and explains why he’s not a white supremacist.

1 December 2017

Hollywood’s race war

Why is the American movie industry more obsessed with race than ever?

1 December 2017

An immigrant’s American Dream

Jason D Hill on identity politics, multiculturalism and why he’s not a victim of white oppression.

1 December 2017

Black privilege

Why white liberals venerate Ta-Nehisi Coates.

1 December 2017

We are more than our gender

Today’s gender determinists are forgetting what really makes us human.

1 December 2017

The hidden history of identity politics

How a revolt against the Enlightenment came to dominate public life.

20 November 2017

What should schools teach?

A new book makes the case for imparting knowledge and pursuing truth.

14 November 2017

Making that existential leap

Dolan Cummings has written a crime novel for morally uncertain times.

27 October 2017

The radicalism of the Reformation

The Reformation laid the ground for free inquiry, democracy and even modern liberalism.