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Books & Essays
2 February 2018

The revolt against the masses

Fred Siegel on the long history of liberal elitism.

2 February 2018

We need to talk about class

Joan C Williams on why class cluelessness is hurting American politics.

A very subtle snobbery

Currid-Halkett explains why flash cars and luxury handbags no longer signify high social status.

2 February 2018

On the self-loathing rich

The wealthy are not as avaricious as many think.

2 February 2018

How the working class was shut out

No party in Britain speaks for, or even appeals to, the working class.

16 January 2018

The Joke: still no laughing matter

Milan Kundera’s darkly comic tale still strikes an ominous chord.

16 January 2018

What is the point of poetry?

To be a laboratory of language that opens us to the world.

12 January 2018

Fire and Fury: a Trumpist soap opera

Michael Wolff’s book gives us a lot of gossip but little insight.

29 December 2017

‘Feminism has been hijacked’

The myth-busting feminist on why she’s mortified by contemporary feminism.