8 March 2016

Son of Saul: hope amid the Holocaust

Frank Furedi on a brilliant film about one man’s search for meaning.

25 August 2015

You can’t inherit Holocaust trauma

Survivors’ children need to free themselves from their parents’ past.

6 February 2014

What could be worse than Holocaust denial?

Answer: trying to ban alleged Holocaust deniers such as Dieudonné.

13 December 2012

Why it’s wrong to censor Holocaust deniers

History, including the history of the Holocaust, should be determined in open, public debate, not in the courts.

What if Anne Frank were still alive...?

Comic novel Hope: A Tragedy, featuring an old, foul-mouthed Anne Frank living in upstate New York, makes serious points about the Holocaust.

18 May 2011

Ivan Demjanjuk: is this not a man, too?

Legal principles have been ditched in a bid to sustain the Holocaust as an ever-present moral imperative for today.

31 January 2011

Playing politics with the Holocaust

Holocaust Memorial Day is an opportunity for all sorts of groups and institutions to dress up as morally virtuous.

3 February 2010

Stop perverting Anne Frank’s diary

Banning the diary from schools because she wrote about sex is bizarre. But so are the attempts to turn it into a guide to life.

26 January 2010

The Holocaust: it could happen to YOU

Holocaust Memorial Day rips the slaughter of millions out of its historical context to teach us that we are all capable of evil.

19 February 2009

The left must stand up to anti-Semitism

An academic who specialises in anti-Semitism responds to Frank Furedi’s essay on 21st-century anti-Jewish sentiment.